Our Appeal to WBL City Officials

There is an open house in White Bear Lake on Tuesday the 15th. It will be held in the White Bear Lake Public Safety Training Room behind City Hall. It starts at 6:30. At that time the City will show its plan for using space on the U.S. 61 corridor through White Bear Lake. There is a piece being printed on the White Bear Press opinion page the same week, but it will come out after the meeting. People in the community need to know about this meeting and since the notice in the paper will come out too late, we’ve attached a copy of the letter we e-mailed to Council Members and the Mayor. Please forward a link to this blog to whoever you know in and around White Bear to get the word out and educate people before they go to this event.

To WBL Council Members



Kids and Cars

This might sound a bit dramatic, but it represents the worst case scenario; the most vulnerable meeting the least vulnerable. So consider all of the potential combinations…bikes, wheelchairs, slow walker, runners, bike taxis, cars, motorcycles…..you get the idea. Then go to the NE Bike Walk Poll and tell us your thoughts on speed on White Bear Lake’s Main Street