Transition Stillwater

Things are starting to heat up in the NE region. Last week we posted for people we met at Mahtomedi’s Rite Of Spring event. Thanks to Dennis Lindeke for getting in touch with NEBikeWalk, on a tip from Dorian Grilley from the Bike Alliance,  and making room for us in the Bike Room.

I bumped into Sean Gosiewski from Alliance for Sustainability at the Rite Of Spring and he made the pitch for us to attend this week’s event in Stillwater. Sounds great. Sure, we’ll be there.

So, to those who picked up a little green piece of paper at the Stillwater Library with our mission statement and this blog address…welcome. This little blog is the tinder part of working together to get a really big fire going for safe biking and walking in the NE Region, which we have embraced as “the birthplace of the regional bike trail gap.”

If you attended the Rite of Spring event and came to this blog last week, you will now experience a strong case of deja vu.

The objective of the NE Communities Bike Walk is to create an alliance of people in surrounding communities who want to improve safe local and regional transit opportunities for those who bike, walk and run. From a website functionality perspective our hope is to grow our on-line presence as a resource for regional change and more effective communication. For example, we envision providing direct links you can copy to reach local, county and state officials. This will streamline getting our collective and individual messages out to those we have elected who can legislate and drive change….and make sure the laws in place are followed for bike and ped.

Maybe more manually than digitally to start…we think it is important for people to define their local routes…to map out their communities, find the best, and safest routes and share them openly. MNDOT resurfacing and reconstruction projects offer a once in 25 year chance to provide a greater community gain than simply fresh pavement. Understanding when these projects will happen and getting in touch early with the people designated by MNDOT to manage them  and ensure all projects  are scoped for bike and per facilities is key. State and local officials need to understand roads are for everyone. They also need to be educated on the laws surrounding bike and ped inclusion into road projects.

So..if you believe in using existing road infrastructure for a greater community gain, and that organizing to establish new, safe off-road trails can enhance the vibrancy, livability and prosperity of our towns and cities, we want to collaborate with you or your group.

If we did not get your contact information at the Transition event, please email us at

Thanks for stopping by


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